Joshua Feuerstein, Who Said Jesus Made Vaccines Unnecessary, Now Has COVID December 6, 2021

Joshua Feuerstein, Who Said Jesus Made Vaccines Unnecessary, Now Has COVID

For months now, Christian Nationalist hate-preacher Joshua Feuerstein has been spreading COVID lies to anyone who will listen. He said this past August, for example, that “You don’t have to wear the mask! You got Jesus! You don’t need the vaccine! You got Jesus!”

He has called church groups cowards for requiring negative COVID tests for entry to conferences, bragged about being unvaxxed, and offered to sign religious exemption forms for anyone attending his events.

My point is: People like him are the reason the pandemic has been continuing for everyone. Because these Christians are more eager to spread the virus than listen to scientists, we all have to suffer.

But when you brag about being unvaccinated, you better hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass.

Yesterday, Feuerstein was scheduled to deliver a guest sermon for “Patriot Church” — a Christian Nationalist congregation — in Knoxville, Tennessee. He never showed up. Instead, Pastor Ken Peters, perhaps inadvertently, told his congregation that Feuerstein called him at the last second to cancel… because he caught COVID. (You can hear it around the 1:01:20 mark here.)

… I started thinking about, when I was wrapping my sermon today, Pastor Joshua Feuerstein was supposed to be our preacher. And he called in last moment because he might have got the thing. You know, the thing? He might have got that thing.

And so he’s packin’ the ‘droxy [hydroxychloroquine] and the ivermectin, so we want to keep him and his family in prayer.

Joshua Feuerstein has got the thing, which he’s allegedly treating with fake “cures.” His ignorance is only going to make this problem worse.

I have to imagine Feuerstein didn’t want anyone to know his sad little secret because he hasn’t mentioned it on any of his social media outlets as of this writing.

I also have to imagine the virus is affecting him quite a bit since there’s nothing Feuerstein would enjoy more than telling a group of Christians that he got the virus and it’s perfectly harmless.

After urging so many Christians to make irresponsible decisions when it comes to dealing with COVID, the virus is getting the last laugh. At least it’s affecting someone who actually deserves it. For a guy who loves whining about harmless issues like rainbow fries boxes at McDonald’s and red cups at Starbucks, it looks like COVID rendered him speechless. At least for now.

(Thanks to @JohnnyGrimm9 for the link)

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