Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Can’t Handle Rainbow-Colored Fry Boxes at McDonald’s June 4, 2017

Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Can’t Handle Rainbow-Colored Fry Boxes at McDonald’s

Next weekend, three McDonald’s locations in Washington, D.C. will sell fries in rainbow-colored boxes to mark Pride weekend. It’s a simple way to show support for the LGBT community.

Joshua Feuerstein, the vertical video-addicted evangelist whose complaint about not-Christian-enough red cups at Starbucks went viral in 2015, is infuriated by McDonald’s gesture of solidarity.


DISGUSTING! McDonald’s released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honor of GAY PRIDE! Im tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this. SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds! Plus, their food is crap. Really.

1) You stop eating there first.

2) Of all the reasons you should avoid eating fries at McDonald’s, the colors on the box should be at the very bottom of the list.

3) How dare McDonald’s “influence” people to be kind and decent to an oppressed group of people? That goes against everything Feuerstein believes in.

The funniest thing about his rant is that literally 10 minutes before he posted that image, he posted another one calling out people who were easily offended, telling them to “move along snowflake.”

Looks like someone doesn’t know how to take his own advice.

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