Podcast Ep. 284: Q & A! August 24, 2019

Podcast Ep. 284: Q & A!

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I (who are both gone this weekend) discussed various questions relating to atheism.

We talked about:

— Are you afraid of Hell? (1:39)

— Why do so many atheists care about LGBTQ rights? (4:00)

— Is it hypocritical for atheists to celebrate Christmas? (7:00)

— Why not just accept other people’s religious beliefs? (10:44)

— How do we educate ourselves about religion? (14:50)

— How does being an atheist play out in our daily lives? (22:01)

— What’s the worst thing about being around other atheists? (24:10)

— Is being an atheist inherently selfish? (26:30)

— How does evolution affect our beliefs? (29:00)

— Are atheists too angry? (33:30)

— Will we see more atheists running for office in 2020? (36:00)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast. If you have any suggestions for people we should chat with, please leave them in the comments, too.

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