Creationist Kent Hovind “Bodyslammed” Me, Says Ex-Girlfriend in Court Filing August 3, 2021

Creationist Kent Hovind “Bodyslammed” Me, Says Ex-Girlfriend in Court Filing

Typically, when I post about Creationist Kent Hovind, it’s because he’s saying something embarrassing even for a Creationist, filing a frivolous lawsuit against the government, getting out of prison after a tax fraud conviction, or just displaying his heartlessness.

This is much more serious than any of that.

According to a series of court filings made over the past few weeks in Alabama — documented in tremendous depth by longtime Hovind watchdog and former IRS appeals officer Robert Baty — Hovind’s former girlfriend (who’s been featured in several of his videos) claims (among other things) that Hovind “bodyslammed” her, resulting in a visit to the emergency room.

In her request for an order of protection, Cindi Lincoln writes that she fears Hovind will cause further abuse absent any court intervention because:

He wants to shut me up. He is dependent upon public opinion for his livelihood… [I] Fear he will kill me to shut me up.

She also alleges that one of Hovind’s “right-hand” men stripped and trashed her rental property with Hovind’s knowledge and that the same person threatened her with a concealed gun. Because of that, she wants to “keep Kent Hovind and his cohorts away from me and my home.” Furthermore, she wants Hovind to pay the medical bills “for the injuries caused by him [bodyslamming] me” along with any other compensation the court deems appropriate for him slandering her, telling people she’s a liar, and “psychologically traumatizing” her.

The relevant pages of the filing are below:

That abusive incident allegedly occurred last October and Hovind actually broadcast a recording of it because he thought it would protect him. I’m not sure why he thinks that because, holy hell, the recording is not for the faint of heart. Please consider yourself warned.

Here’s one more odd twist to this story — and it may play a role in whether this order of protection is approved.

I referred to Lincoln as his “former girlfriend.” But in her filing, she says they got married in July of 2018.

That’s not true.

On paper, Hovind is actually still married to his second wife (the woman he was with before Lincoln)… but in his mind, that second marriage was spiritually annulled years ago, and this subsequent “marriage” to Lincoln was only a church ceremony with no acknowledgment from the state.

In other words, he’s still legally married to (and unofficially separated from) his second wife. But this incident involves his “marriage” to his third “wife.”

Why does that matter? Because on Friday, Hovind’s lawyer argued that this order of protection should be dismissed because Hovind and Lincoln don’t have the type of relationship the state requires for an order like this to be approved. (They would need to be legally married or have dated within the past year.) Also, the lawyer argued, the order wasn’t filed in a timely fashion. Basically, why does she need the protection now if the most recent incident occurred over six months ago?

Because the nature of their relationship needs to be established first, the judge postponed the hearing to August 12.

I hope I have those details right. Trying to parse Hovind’s personal life is like going down a bizarre fundamentalist Christian rabbit hole. This order of protection isn’t even the only possible legal challenge Lincoln has against Hovind.

Incidentally, as this information was made public yesterday, Hovind decided not to do his usual Bible study. Instead, he asked his viewers to join him in prayer to protect him against the “tests coming to our ministry” all because the “Devil’s after us a couple different ways.”

I’m posting this because Hovind has clout among Creationists and spends part of each day dissecting Bible verses on his YouTube channel while trying to brainwash people at his Dinosaur Adventure Land. He wants you to think that Christianity and purity and goodness and scientific integrity are all linked together. Yet here’s an allegation of bad behavior (and then some!) that should at least be considered whenever his name pops up — especially if a judge decides Lincoln needs protection from Hovind because he represents a genuine threat to her life.

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