Evangelist Robin Bullock: Jesus Visited Me By Walking Through a Water Portal August 3, 2021

Evangelist Robin Bullock: Jesus Visited Me By Walking Through a Water Portal

Self-described “prophet” Robin Bullock, who recently said finding money in bags of potato chips was proof of God’s existence, would like you to know he had a personal encounter with Jesus. And he’s visited Heaven three separate times.

He explained all this during a sermon on Sunday.

I was just sitting there, and I caught movement out of the side of my vision. And I turned to look. And when I did, there was this oval… just appeared and it was like water. It was all watery. And I’m looking at it. I’m not looking at it in a dream; I’m looking at it like I’m looking at you!

And I’m watching this thing. And way back off in it, I could see in it. And way back off, there was a little person about this big, and He was coming closer. And as He got closer, he got bigger in my vision until He stepped through that oval of water, and He was taller than me, and it was Jesus.

And I’m looking at it. I could tell you what He was wearing. I could tell you what his hair looked like. I could tell you exactly what He looked like. He just walked right out of that and He told me a lot of things. Then He said this: He said, “I will appear to you three times like this in your life.”

… Oh, if you could have seen it. And He just — you know, I’ve been to Heaven three times, three different throne rooms. I could tell you what they look like. I know Kat Kerr’s been there thousands of times. I don’t know of any more authority that her and Jesse Duplantis on Heaven. But I know the throne rooms I’ve been to. And I never asked to go! I just was there. Don’t start seeking things like that. But I’ve never had that happen and I’ve never talked about it much until lately.

So if I have it right, Jesus came to Bullock like this:

And it was magical.

Look: When you refer to the insane fictional ramblings of Kat Kerr and expensive jet-obsessed Jesse Duplantis as authorities on Heaven, you’re admitting no one should trust you. But Bullock wants everyone to know he met Jesus through a water portal, and that it’ll happen again two more times, and that he’s already visited Heaven three times just for funsies.

Totally normal. Welcome to Christianity.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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