Creationist Kent Hovind on Boy Who Drowned at His Park: “Kids Do Dumb Things” March 31, 2020

Creationist Kent Hovind on Boy Who Drowned at His Park: “Kids Do Dumb Things”

After a 7-year-old boy drowned at his “Dinosaur Adventure Land,” a low-grade Creationist theme park, Kent Hovind displayed what I thought was a heartless response when he said on his daily livestream that the boy’s siblings “had a blast here, and the dad wants to bring all the kids back and loves the place.”

I was wrong. That was Hovind being nice. What he said on yesterday’s livestream was much, much worse.

… I texted [a Facebook user and] I said, “Do you realize 21 people drowned — 31 people drowned — in the panhandle of Florida so far this year?” What are you gonna do, put a fence around the ocean? Come on. It just happened. You try to avoid all that stuff but… what do you do, you know? Kids do dumb things once in a while.

The dad’s thrilled with the ministry. Wants to come back. Gonna support us and all that.

So tell the skeptics to shut up, get a life.

[***UPDATE***: It’s been brought to my attention that Hovind was texting someone on Facebook, not the child’s father as stated in the tweet above. That doesn’t change the substance of this post, but it has now been corrected in my transcript above.]

It should go without saying that, while kids do dumb things, they don’t usually get killed because responsible people take proper precautions. The panhandle of Florida may not need a fence, but a random pond in the middle of an unguarded theme park could use one.

Obviously, everything Hovind is saying about the father being so fine with everything that he’s going to keep supporting the ministry while texting with Hovind like they’re BFFs should be taken with a grain of salt since Hovind’s entire worldview is based on lies.

(via Godless Engineer)

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