This Preacher Claims to Have Proof That Miracles Are Real. We Know He’s Lying. July 27, 2021

This Preacher Claims to Have Proof That Miracles Are Real. We Know He’s Lying.

Right-wing pastor Perry Stone — best known for checking his phone while speaking in tongues, claiming to speak four languages at once (also in tongues), and for delivering a sermon to a bunch of puppets — claimed in a recent episode of his show that miracles were real.

That’s not exactly surprising coming from an evangelist. But Stone wanted to make sure everyone believed the stories, so he invited a guest, fellow preacher Nik Walker, to share the incredible miracles he’s personally witnessed.

One of those stories involved an unnamed man (Update: I was wrong here. Walker does mention a name that sounds like “Jacob Stanley.”) whose hand wasn’t working properly. It had “nerve damage… that was so bad that he could not use it.” But after that man got baptized, Walker explained, God took control and healed everything!

And you don’t have to just take Walker’s word for it. He had the X-ray from the healed man!

Watch this clip…

PERRY STONE: … Nik, it’s good to have you here.

NIK WALKER: Honor to be here, brother.

PERRY STONE: … So I want you to share with me about two of the greatest miracles you’ve seen… One of these [miracle stories,] there’s actually X-rays, right?

NIK WALKER: Oh yeah, we have scans and X-rays

NIK WALKER: When we baptized him in water, he also had a withered hand. He had nerve damage in his hand that was so bad that he could not use it. We sent Charlie the X-rays, too, for his hand. And then you’ve seen in infants have the gaps between the bones? They have to grow into those gaps, you know? And the infants will have on top of their head and in between all the joints, growth plates. Well, this young man had gaps in between all of his knuckles, all the joints in his hands and fingers.

PERRY STONE: So he couldn’t use his hand.

NIK WALKER: He could not use his hand. As he told me, he couldn’t remember the last time he had moved it. And so as soon as his head come out of the water, his hand was loosed

PERRY STONE: And everybody saw this.

NIK WALKER: Everybody saw this. My pastor was there, who my spiritual covering’s under, he was there…

NIK WALKER: Now this is on a Sunday. After church, he walks to the hospital… and he walks in and he says, “I want [to be] rescanned. I want you to rescan me because God has healed me… I don’t think you understand. I’ve been healed, and I want… to have it documented. I want to know”… And so the doctor said “Well, how about you let me X-ray that hand and if your hand has any kind of difference, then we’ll do the PET scan. He said, “Fine!”… So they X-rayed his hand, and what they found — and this is on the before and the after that he sent me — was that the Lord had totally realigned his bones, closed the gaps, and then in other scans — which I didn’t have those other scans — but in the other scans, they found that the nerves were actually restored, and he was able to use his hand again. And even… the hand looked crooked, and then the X-rays, it shows how the Lord had… realigned his bones… So the doctor said, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

That’s an incredible story. It also raises a bunch of questions that Perry Stone never bothers to ask…

For example, how come we’re only seeing the “after” picture and never the “before” picture?

How come the patient’s name and the date aren’t anywhere on that X-ray?

How come we aren’t told the patient’s name? Or the doctor’s name? Or the hospital where this miracle occurred?

And how come that X-ray looks 100% identical to an image from a 2018 Scientific Reports article (published by the journal Nature) about Chinese children who suffer from something called Kashin–Beck disease (KBD)?

And how come Walker says those are scans of one guy’s hand when they’re actually scans of four different hands — of Chinese kids ranging from a 7-year-old boy to an 11-year-old girl?

And does Walker know that KBD has nothing to do with nerve damage or having “withered hands”?

Why is Walker lying to us?

Either Walker thinks we’re too dumb to question his claims… or someone lied to Walker because they knew he would never follow up with basic questions and was probably dumb enough to spread the lie to a wider audience by using the always uncritical Perry Stone.

I reached out to Nik Walker Ministries yesterday in an attempt to ask about this lie, but I have not heard back from them as of this writing.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link and for catching the lie)

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