Christian Pastor Claims Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris Have “Antichrist” Views July 27, 2021

Christian Pastor Claims Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris Have “Antichrist” Views

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California, who argued last May that two months of abiding by lockdown orders was enough and then hosted an in-person baptism for over 1,000 people in September, and who said more recently that trans people don’t exist and that “demonism” leads them to think otherwise, is now accusing prominent Democrats of aligning with the Antichrist.

During Sunday’s church service featuring guest speaker Mike Pompeo — a former Republican congressman, Donald Trump‘s CIA director and later his Secretary of State, and a possible presidential candidate — Hibbs closed the service with a prayer in which he asked God to forgive California for electing people with “Antichrist views“:

“God, we pray that you would do something now — Jesus, please — in our nation’s capital,” Hibbs prayed. “We do not wish ill upon Joe Biden whatsoever. We pray that you would heal him, that you would save him, that you’d open up his eyes to your saving grace, and the fact that it is Jesus who died on the cross for his sins and ours and rose again from the dead. It is the gospel of the living God that can cause all men and women to be changed.”

“Lord, you know my heart, I’m not being funny,” Hibbs continued. “But God, please forgive California. Lord, forgive us for allowing abortion. Oh, Lord, forgive us for sending people with antichrist worldviews to office, like Nancy Pelosi and, and Kamala Harris. They don’t want you, they don’t honor you, and it breaks our hearts. But Father God, we pray that you would take back this government from the brink. … Father God, [we pray] that you protect America while we’re in this vulnerable moment.”

Pompeo, of course, said nothing to challenge these claims.

Not that it matters, but Kamala Harris is Baptist and Nancy Pelosi is Catholic. To say their have “Antichrist worldviews” is to insist anyone who’s not a politically conservative Christian is inherently evil. (You can take a wild guess what these men have to say about Jews, Muslims, and atheists in elected office.)

Why is it so easy for conservatives to trash the faith of other people — including fellow Christians — while also claiming to be persecuted for their own faith?

At least Harris, Pelosi, and even Joe Biden attend church services. That’s more than we can say about Trump, who went a long way by convincing right-wing evangelicals he was one of them, at least in spirit if not in practice.

Presumably, Hibbs thinks they’re all evil because they support abortion rights and LGBTQ equality. But why isn’t it just as “Antichrist” when Christian politicians work to punish the poor by making the rich richer? Or when they deny refugees safe asylum? Or when they block affordable healthcare?

If he thinks Jesus doesn’t have anything to say about that, you have to wonder what his sermons are like. They’re arguably not biblical in any meaningful way.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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