Nebraska Preacher: God Is Mad at Sen. Ben Sasse for Not Backing the Coup Attempt January 4, 2021

Nebraska Preacher: God Is Mad at Sen. Ben Sasse for Not Backing the Coup Attempt

Republican Senator Ben Sasse, for all his myriad flaws, openly said last week that he would not support the attempted coup by his fellow party members to overturn the election results just because Donald Trump lost. Sasse called it a “dangerous ploy” and admitted there’s no evidence justifying the right-wing conspiracy theories.

It’s a low bar. Republicans shouldn’t be praised for doing the bare minimum. But I guess saying votes should be counted in a democracy passes for bravery among the GOP these days, so there you go. It’s something.

Still, that statement was seen as a surrender by Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries, who spent part of his sermon yesterday denouncing Sasse as a bad Christian

Our state senator here, unfortunately you’re not representing, Senator Ben, the state of Nebraska, and the people who love God. You say you’re a Christian. Wow. Did you write in any of your investigative reporting, sir, that you went and looked at the evidence that they’re presenting, or did you write it because you have a personality conflict with the president?

So rather than representing the state of Nebraska, sir, you represent the state of confusion, because you’re confused, and you don’t represent me, and I’m sorry to say I voted for you.

And you don’t represent over 70-80 million of us in America that know the truth. But more than that, sir, God does. And in the end, you’re gonna see that God is gonna show the truth, and you’re gonna see the error of what you wrote. I’m praying for you. I forgive you. But I don’t stand with you, and I’m embarrassed at your decision, sir.

None of these damn fools represent the 81 million people who voted for Joe Biden and who know how to count the votes.

To be clear, there’s no evidence of voter fraud. There’s certainly no evidence suggesting enough voting irregularities that would’ve flipped the election. There’s a reason judges have dismissed nearly every legal challenge to the election results; there’s just no proof. There’s just whining from people whose entire party platform now consists of fictional grievances and faux persecution.

Kunneman may be more worried about self-preservation than anything else. Two weeks before the election, he said that God spoke to him and promised three more successful elections — a second Trump term and presumably two by Mike Pence. Was God wrong? Or does Kunneman need psychological help? Maybe he’s just a grifter.

Kunneman also claimed in early February that we did not need to “fear this virus” because God was watching over us. That was 350,000 COVID deaths ago.

Maybe his gullible followers should stop taking him seriously.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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