Christian Pastor: Coronavirus Won’t Hurt Us Since Donald Trump is Anti-Abortion February 12, 2020

Christian Pastor: Coronavirus Won’t Hurt Us Since Donald Trump is Anti-Abortion

Nebraska pastor Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries believes the United States will be protected from Coronavirus because of Donald Trump and his anti-abortion record.

“Listen to the words that I speak to you at this moment, says the Living God,” Kunneman prophesied. “Why do you fear, United States? For I have spoke to you before, and I speak to you again. I have extended and opened a window of mercy to this nation at this time. Therefore the virus that they speak of, the prognostication, the diagnosis — my mercy is the quarantine that shall be greater than what they have spoken to you, United States.”

“Because of the administration that stands in this land, who honors me, who honors the covenants of your forefathers and of the Constitution, and because they have aligned themselves with Israel, and because they have sided on the right side of life — life in the womb, life given outside of the womb — therefore I give life to this nation, and I give mercy,” Kunneman said, on behalf of God. “Do not fear this virus, says the Spirit of God.”

That’s… not how disease prevention works. Giving birth is not a substitute vaccination. Plenty of red states with conservative legislators have their own disease outbreaks.

Whatever the origin of the virus, it’ll require scientists to defeat it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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