Shocking: NY Priest’s Sprinkling of Holy Water from Airplane Didn’t Stop Virus March 31, 2020

Shocking: NY Priest’s Sprinkling of Holy Water from Airplane Didn’t Stop Virus

Eleven days ago, the Rev. Juan Benitez boarded a twin-engine turbo-prop that took him on a flight over Rochester, New York. Benitez was a priest on a mission, because he carried with him bottles of holy water that he regarded as his secret weapon in helping the city beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of climbing to a typical 6,000 to 8,000 feet, [parishioner and pilot Anthony] Daniele said, he got permission from Rochester air traffic control to fly low.

He would slow to 80 knots, or roughly 90 mph, Benitez would open the window and reach out one of the bottles of holy water he brought for the occasion. Then he would say a prayer — “extended to everyone,” Benitez said, “praying for the whole world and the whole country.”

After an hour, the men returned to the airport, satisfied that they had done their part.

On the day of the flight, there were 30 known cases of COVID-19 infection in Monroe County, where Rochester is situated, and zero deaths.

Last night, when I checked, there were 257 known cases and eight deaths.

Don’t worry, Rochester. Just a few more holy-water flights ought to do it.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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