A 7-Year-Old Boy Drowned at Creationist Kent Hovind’s “Dinosaur Adventure Land” March 20, 2020

A 7-Year-Old Boy Drowned at Creationist Kent Hovind’s “Dinosaur Adventure Land”

A 7-year-old boy drowned while visiting “Dinosaur Adventure Land,” Creationist Kent Hovind‘s dirt-cheap attempt at replicating the Creation Museum.

The incident happened Sunday, according to the Monroe Journal (which is behind a paywall). The boy was declared dead after ambulance workers took him to a local hospital. An autopsy is pending.

The article says that while life jackets are available near the lake, the boy wasn’t wearing one. It’s possible, Hovind told the paper, that the boy slipped on a nearby dock before falling into the water, considering there was a mark on his head (presumably a scar of some sort). For now, it appears to be an accident and there’s no indication the family plans to sue Hovind or the attraction.

It’s worth mentioning that the park is uninsured and everyone is told they’re entering at their own risk. The park itself is Hovind’s attempt to debunk evolution, which he calls the “dumbest religion in the history of the world.” In the past, I would’ve said the only things at risk are your brain cells. I guess I was wrong.

Hovind didn’t reply to a request for comment.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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