Evangelical Eric Metaxas, Who Told People “Don’t Get the Vaccine,” Has COVID December 2, 2021

Evangelical Eric Metaxas, Who Told People “Don’t Get the Vaccine,” Has COVID

Another prominent white evangelical anti-vaxxer who used his platform to spread misinformation about COVID has been struck with the virus. This time, it’s the racist, Trump-loving, sucker-punching Christian Nationalist Eric Metaxas.

He’s not dead. Not yet. (Not on the outside, anyway.)

But the virus was powerful enough to keep Metaxas off his radio show for the past two weeks — and his family is suffering too.

I got COVID. Suzanne got COVID. I don’t know if she gave it to me, or I gave it to her. But then she went to visit my parents and gave it to them. And my mother got it. And my father got it. And my current daughter… went to nurse my parents.

So this has been the craziest time in the Metaxas family, folks. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I have no idea where I’ve been. I’ve been in a perspiring haze for days and days and days.

Obviously I’m mostly out of it. The fact that I can be functional and talk here for the first time in two weeks… But the fact that my parents were ill was very upsetting to me. My dad had to go to the emergency room again, so it’s been a really crazy time

(I don’t get the use of “current” there, either. Does he engage in daughter-swapping?)

There’s absolutely no reason to feel bad for his family given that Metaxas has spread lies about the virus and encouraged practices that have led people to their early deaths.

He said having to wear face masks reminded him of the Holocaust. He told people to reject the vaccine “if only to be a rebel.” There’s also this (now-deleted) tweet:

Even now, he’s not saying people should get vaccinated. His own parents are on the verge of death because Metaxas doesn’t care enough about them to tell them the truth, but he’s still clinging to his lies.

Somewhere, Herman Cain is smiling up at him.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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