Eric Metaxas: Having to Wear a Face Mask While Skiing Reminds Me of Hitler August 19, 2021

Eric Metaxas: Having to Wear a Face Mask While Skiing Reminds Me of Hitler

What do face masks and Germany’s descent into Nazism have in common?

Nothing, if you’re a rational person. Everything, if you’re the racist, Trump-loving, anti-vaccine sucker-punching Christian Nationalist Eric Metaxas.

He was recently told to wear a mask while on a ski trip, and this harrowing experience reminded him of you-guessed-it.

A young guy… is like, “Sir, you’re gonna put on your mask.” I’m getting on the lift by myself, right? And I looked at him. I said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”… I didn’t say “Punk” but it was implied. And here’s where it gets serious: He stopped the lift!

How did it happen in Germany that these young Brownshirts would behave like that? And I was astonished ’cause I thought, “This is how it happened.”

An hourly worker whose job involves making sure skiers are following the rules is apparently the same as a soldier who’s “just following orders” in Nazi Germany. If you think that’s a fair comparison, then congratulations, that makes two of you with no reasoning skills.

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: That Metaxas actually thinks wearing a mask to slow the spread of a deadly virus has anything to do with Nazi Germany or the laughter coming from the audience as he tells this story.

Here’s a lesson I didn’t realize needed to be said: Not everything you disagree with needs to be compared to Hitler. Certainly, following health protocols designed to keep people safe isn’t the same as being asked to persecute or execute innocent people. But in Metaxas’ world, being asked to consider the lives o other people amounts to persecution against him.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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