MAGA Cultist Eric Metaxas: Reject the Vaccine “If Only To Be a Rebel” July 30, 2021

MAGA Cultist Eric Metaxas: Reject the Vaccine “If Only To Be a Rebel”

Conservatives are usually advocates of following rules, but not Eric Metaxas when it comes to government orders when the president is a Democrat. The racist, Trump-loving, anti-vaccine sucker-punching Christian Nationalist is now telling his followers to simply refuse COVID vaccines for not reason other than to be a rebel:

The bottom line is, questions come up about the vaccine. People say… This is experimental. I’ve watched this pandemic roll out, and I’m not afraid of getting it. My kids aren’t afraid of getting it. This is not a big deal for us. I’m not going to put some experimental thing in my system when we literally don’t know what could happen… Then you have people saying, “You must do it. The government says you must do it.” If the government or everybody is telling you that you have to do something… you need to understand, that’s not the American way, folks. And if only to be a rebel, you need to say, “I’m not going to do this.”

This, from someone who belongs to the conservative camp that says Black people would have perfectly fine interactions with police if they just obeyed the law. Obedience is only noble, to Metaxas, when the right people are in charge.

Also note how much Metaxas focuses on himself and his own family in explaining his reasoning behind not getting the vaccine: “I’m not afraid of getting it. My kids aren’t afraid of getting it.” But their ignorance-fueled bravery means nothing to the 600,000 Americans who have died from the virus so far. Or the people with compromised immune systems who can’t get vaccinated. Or the vaccinated people who may fall victim to the delta variant because people like Metaxas decided spreading the virus was more important than stopping it.

The vaccine isn’t only about you. Face masks aren’t only about you. Your actions could also protect others. Christians talk about the need to sacrifice for others, but Metaxas refuses to think beyond his own selfish desires.

As for this “experimental thing,” the COVID vaccines are among the most-tested vaccines in history. Just because they arrived in a matter of months, not years, doesn’t mean they lacked rigorous testing. Unfortunately, we had more than enough people infected with COVID to be able to get very strong experimental results relatively quickly. Facts matter. But Metaxas would rather spread lies.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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