Kenneth Copeland: My Private Plane “Doesn’t Belong to the Lord… It’s Mine!” August 1, 2021

Kenneth Copeland: My Private Plane “Doesn’t Belong to the Lord… It’s Mine!”

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who said in early 2020 that God told him the pandemic would “be over much sooner than you think” and that COVID-19 is “finished,” spent this morning discussing his favorite sermon topic: His private plane.

Here he is explaining how he acquired it:

Anyway, I had a little red single-engine Cessna Skylane — first airplane the ministry ever had… I saw that little brown Cessna 310 fly over and the Lord said, “That’s your airplane.” Wow!… And it was headed to the airport. So I headed to the airport. I got up there and I just saw it go in the hangar.

So then I drove over there, and I said, “Sir, is that your airplane?” He said, “No, it belongs to my boss.” I said, “Is it for sale?” He said, “Knowing my boss, everything’s for sale.”

Amen. So, anyway, to make a long story short — it’s a good story, but I need short — I wound up with that little brown 310 Cessna. Ohhhh. And I had it at the airport, and I would go out, and in those days, the airport was just a little ways from the house, and I’d just take my Bible and stuff and go out there and sit in that airplane and study. And the kids were small. And that was… you know… get away from me.

And I was out there one day and I pulled it out of the hangar and polishing it. And I’m telling you, just polishing it. And these two… young men came up there, and they’re both preacher boys, came up and said, “Brother Copeland, is that the new airplane?” I said, “Well, it’s not new, but it’s new to me.” They said, “Oh, think about that, the Lord’s airplane!”

I said, “No, it isn’t!”


I said, “No, this doesn’t belong to the Lord. He gave it to me. I dedicated it to Him, but it’s mine.” [Weird laugh] That was completely foreign to their thinking!

Nothing like a wealthy preacher explaining how a gift from the Lord is entirely his and not God’s, and how he used that private plane to study the Bible away from his pesky kids. Because just going to a quiet spot in the house is for peasants.

Remember that Copeland has bragged about how much he loves his private plane because it means he doesn’t have to fly “in a long tube with a bunch of demons.” He has also thanked God for giving him the power to heal airplanes that were corroded.

It’s truly what God envisions for all of us. It’s all that Jesus ever talked about. And the gullible people in Copeland’s audience are the ones financing his luxurious lifestyle.

(via Ron Filipkowski)

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