“Prophetess”: I’ll Show You a Picture I Took of Demons in Chains “If I Find It” May 14, 2021

“Prophetess”: I’ll Show You a Picture I Took of Demons in Chains “If I Find It”

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, who thinks there’s football in Heaven, that God will put back any baby lost through a miscarriage, and that God keeps a warehouse in Heaven for anyone who needs (for example) a new kidney, now claims she has definitive proof of angels.

Speaking with the ever-gullible Steve Shultz earlier this month, Kerr explained how she has a picture of “Heaven’s Army” dragging demons, in chains, past the roof of her house.

… You can’t kill a demon, people. You couldn’t do it yourself at all, okay? Number one, [they’re] spiritual, you’re physical. That’s just not gonna happen. If you had a physical sword, it would pass through them. It wouldn’t do anything to them, all right? So this is the thing: You can have them bound and — and — your guardian angel, number one, is not one of the hosts. I have to let you know that. Those are totally separate. The guardian angels come under Gabriel, okay? Your garden angels mostly look like people but with wings, okay?

The hosts don’t, mostly don’t, ever look like people. They look like creatures. Or they’re made out of things like light or sound… But they’re real and they’re fierce. They can battle the demonic. They can shred them, but not kill them. And I mean they will literally shred them. They can leave marks on them but they can’t kill them.

I’ve seen… if I find it, I’m gonna show it on a livestream. I’ll just hold it up and show it to people. I literally took a picture one time, when I first invited Heaven’s Army, according to the protocol the Father gave me, I invited Heaven’s Army to be one of my weapons. They began showing up outside in the sky over my home. And one time — not kidding — there was a whole group of them, the ones that looked like lions. They’re the royal guards. They had some demons in chains and brought them over my roof and I got a picture!

[Shultz: “Really?!”]

I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. They were showing me the ones they had captured and were dragging, either for judgment, because I have been in the courtrooms in Heaven, where sometimes demons are dragged up and judged, and then the father deals with them. They’re either thrown in a dry place, they’re thrown in chains… That’s what “spirit force” is all about! You’re gonna learn so much about that! So I don’t have time… I won’t answer any questions. But I can tell you: You can command your army if you have an army.

I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. And Shultz isn’t about to ask relevant follow-up questions because he believes anything anyone tells him if it’s in the name of Jesus.

But back to the picture. If Kerr has this picture, why isn’t it the only thing she ever shows anyone?! Why talk about what Heaven is like when she has actual proof of angels and demons?! Right now, she’s an internet laughingstock. Yet the one thing that would prove her critics wrong is something she mentions only as an afterthought… and treats as if it’s just some minor little thing she’ll get around to if she has time.

That’s because Kat Kerr is a Christian liar. I know that. You know that. She know that. But too many gullible people, including the one guy she routinely does “interviews” with, are willing to accept her lies at face value.

She has no picture. But you can bet Shultz will never ask her about it in the future.

(via Protestia)

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