Jeffress: Falwell Watched His Wife Sleep With the Pool Boy Because of Satan April 23, 2021

Jeffress: Falwell Watched His Wife Sleep With the Pool Boy Because of Satan

Why did Jerry Falwell, Jr. posted a bizarre picture of himself with his fly unzipped and belly out, watch his wife have sex with a pool boy many times over, and resign from Liberty University after his most lurid scandals became public knowledge?

Satan did it.

That’s the excuse that Pastor Robert Jeffress is putting forth to OneNewsNow because conservative Christians like him have no ability to take responsibility for their own actions.

“First of all, nobody should rejoice in the downfall of another person. We should be praying for Jerry, his family, [and] for the Liberty University family as a whole,” Dr. Jeffress begins. “Secondly, we need to remember that none of us is immune from falling into sin. We can all fall. It usually never happens immediately. It’s a slow erosion of our souls over a long period of time that leads to a final collapse.”

Jeffress believes high-profile Christians are a special target of Satan.

“In his crosshairs would be every Christian, but certainly those who have a public ministry and are well known by others,” he submits. “We’re all joined together with other Christians, and when one Christian falls, it really does hurt the entire witness of Christ.”

Whenever Christians say someone “fell” into sin, it suggests that person had no control over the matter. Falwell had total control when it came to every one of his bad decisions. They were well-documented and he didn’t care.

We can all rejoice in the fact that a rotten human being finally got what he deserved. (To be clear, his kinks aren’t the problem. His hypocrisy and cruelty are.)

Even in Christianese, Falwell isn’t worth anyone’s prayers. If more Christians had the guts to stand up to him, maybe his downfall wouldn’t have to be seen as hurting “the entire witness of Christ.”

(via Joe. My. God.)

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