Grand Jury Indicts “Bleach Church” Family Over Their COVID “Miracle Cure” April 24, 2021

Grand Jury Indicts “Bleach Church” Family Over Their COVID “Miracle Cure”

Over the past year, we’ve posted multiple times about the Florida-based Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which basically sells bleach as a cure for everything. In May, the group’s Australian chapter was slapped with a $150,000 fine for “selling and promoting a solution containing sodium chlorite, a chemical used as a textile bleaching agent and disinfectant.”

The family behind it has now been indicted for fraud and criminal contempt.

“Archbishop” Mark Grenon

The group’s leader, Mark Grenon, has admitted in the past that he doesn’t run a church at all; that designation only exists to avoid government oversight.

Whatever it is, though, it has an audience, which means it can cause a lot of damage. Last August, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against using the products because they were deemed life-threatening.

And last July, government officials raided the “church” headquarters in Bradenton, Florida and confiscated everything inside, including 22 gallons of “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), 8,300 pounds of sodium chlorite, and 50 gallons of muriatic acid. All of that was destroyed, per a court order.

The order also said that the group’s websites, which sold the products, had to be taken offline immediately.

Grenon and his sons were charged with “conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and criminal contempt.” Two of the sons were arrested.

And now it’s getting worse. Yesterday, the Department of Justice announced that a federal grand jury in Miami had returned an indictment against Grenon and his three sons:

… The indictment further alleges that before marketing MMS as a cure for COVID-19, the Grenons marketed MMS as a miracle cure-all for dozens of other serious diseases and disorders, even though the FDA had not approved MMS for any use… The indictment alleges that the Grenons received more than $1 million from selling MMS.

The indictment also charges the Grenons with criminal contempt… According to charging documents, the Grenons willfully violated those court orders and continued to distribute MMS. The Grenons also allegedly threatened the federal judge presiding over the civil case, and threatened that, should the government attempt to enforce the court orders halting their distribution of MMS, the Grenons would “pick up guns” and instigate “a Waco.”

The indictment charges each of the Grenons with one count of conspiracy to commit fraud and two counts of criminal contempt. If convicted, the Grenons face up to life imprisonment

At long last, this family’s faith-based scam may finally be coming to an end and they’ll get the punishment they deserve. But how many people did they hurt (or worse!) in the process?

(Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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