After Exposing a Proselytizing Teacher, an Atheist and His Child Are on the Run March 26, 2021

After Exposing a Proselytizing Teacher, an Atheist and His Child Are on the Run

I posted last week about a disturbing recording that a West Virginia middle school student had made of her health teacher. The teacher told kids they should avoid sex before marriage because the Bible said so, that students needed to believe in God, that God would help them “make better decisions” about how to handle their hormones, etc.

It was proselytizing. It’s illegal. And because the student recorded it, the Freedom From Religion Foundation was able to step in and send the school district a letter warning them about the problem.

That student’s father happens to be Owen Morgan, who goes by the name Telltale on YouTube, and he just posted an update that you should hear.

After spending a few minutes recapping the article I wrote about the situation, Morgan explains (around the 3:40 mark) how he and his daughter have basically been run out of town after a (now-deleted) private Facebook group with over 1,500 members doxxed him and revealed his personal information to a crowd of people out to get him.

At one point in the video, Morgan says, “I can’t go [out] in public, I can’t go to the grocery store, I can’t go to the bank, I can’t go take out the fucking trash because I will be recognized and… killed? Or at least beaten.”

As he makes clear, though, he’s not currently in West Virginia. He’s somewhere else. He told me he’s safe. He has long term plans to move out of state. But all of this is happening — at a speed he never expected — because he dared to publicize how a Christian teacher working at a public school decided that preaching about Jesus was more important than doing her job. And now the same Christians who worship someone who talked about turning the other cheek are forcing Morgan and his daughter to fear for their lives.

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