Christian Defends Name of Robert E. Lee High: Jesus “Never Condemned Slavery” March 26, 2021

Christian Defends Name of Robert E. Lee High: Jesus “Never Condemned Slavery”

In Florida, the Duval County Public Schools board is considering changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School because I guess they finally realized Lee was a racist Confederate leader. It’s not the only school name on the chopping block, but it’s the one generating the most interest.

The board is even holding community meetings to discuss the changes and allow people to offer their own input… and the racists are exposing themselves. Like this guy, Joey Stevens (or Stephens), who lashed out at Christians who cited their faith in defense of why the school should change its name.

… One of them mentioned Christianity, and that, you know, if you’re Christians, you shouldn’t stand for this. Well, that’s awfully funny that you want to bring up Christianity when it says in the Bible Jesus himself never condemned slavery. In fact, He said “Slaves have an obligation… to obey their master.” So if you’re going to throw around Christianity, say both sides.

This guy just both-sided slavery.

More specifically, he thinks that because Jesus didn’t explicitly condemn slavery, it must be fine. The hypocrisy is amazing considering God also said “Love thy neighbor,” which conservatives routinely ignore. The idea, though, that we ought to celebrate a racist because Jesus didn’t have a problem owning human beings is precisely what happens when you’ve been brainwashed by faith and have no ability to think for yourself.

The school board hasn’t officially made a decision about the name-change yet, but if the best arguments against it come from guys like this, there shouldn’t be any hesitation.

(via CNN. Thanks to Richard for the link)

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