Here’s How a Christian “Prophet” Made Some Hyper-Specific, Accurate Predictions February 13, 2021

Here’s How a Christian “Prophet” Made Some Hyper-Specific, Accurate Predictions

Do you remember that old video of James Randi showing the scamvangelist Peter Popoff making extremely specific predictions during a faith healing seminar? Randi exposed how Popoff’s wife was feeding him details that attendees filled out on a prayer card via a hidden earpiece.

That sort of trick is still going on today and here’s a perfect example of it.

It comes from Sid Roth, the host of a show called It’s Supernatural (and guy obsessed with how God is fixing his clogged toilet).

On Thursday, he explained that one of his previous guests, Chris Reed, had made a very specific prediction about a woman in Kansas named “Evelyn,” whose grandson was in a car accident. Reed said God would help her family. Roth’s title for this video is “The Most Accurate Prophecy I’ve Ever Heard [With Proof!]” You can hear the exchange around the 8:48 mark below:

Here’s Chris Reed from back in January:

I just had a vision that came to me, and I believe that there’s going to be someone that’s gonna be watching this broadcast. And I believe this person lives in Kansas, okay?… I think it’s a woman. And this woman’s — either her son or grandson — was involved in a car accident in the last two or three months, and there was some injuries that came about to this grandson.

I believe the woman’s name is Evelyn, and i believe she’s around 70 or 71 years old, and I believe that there is a Joshua… perhaps a David… uh, I want to say a Janeace? I know this woman, I just see it. And the Lord is touching that grandson that was in that car accident, and that the glory of God will result from this scary experience that he had, because this grandson is going to come into an encounter with the Lord as a result. He’s gonna find the fear of the Lord, and he has a calling on his life. He’s had a calling on his life. And this experience he had is going to bring about and initiate a change and a spirit of repentance to come back in his life…

I think there’s an address… it’s either the woman or the young man. It’s like 1301 Fair Lane or Fairfield Lane — one of the two — and I believe that this woman also is involved — I believe it’s in child care… some kind of child care or group home or something like that — but I believe a revival is coming to her family and a restoration of some relationships and also the healing of this grandson and the beginning of a calling and a pursuit in his life for the greater things of God.

That’s all extremely specific. Either Reed is getting a message directly from God and miracles are real… or he had a way of finding this stuff out beforehand.

Either way, after Roth played that clip from a January episode of his show, he mentioned that the woman in question — Evelyn — was real! Someone who knew her got in touch with her after hearing that episode and noticing the similarities! She was there for an interview! Isn’t that incredible?!

(No. No it is not.)

Assuming that Evelyn wasn’t in on the charade, and assuming she never contacted the show with a prayer request, how could Reed have known all those things about her?

We can answer that. In fact, yesterday, I tried finding out how much of that information was publicly accessible before Chris Reed taped that episode. Turns out it’s just about all of it.

1) Evelyn Easum “likes” Sid Roth’s show on Facebook:

2) In December, she posted about her grandson’s accident. She also commented that he had a “Broken arm in two places.”

3) If you Google her name, you’ll come across a website listing the address of the group daycare she runs.

4) Ditto with her age.

I can’t prove Chris Reed sought out that information beforehand, but his miraculous prediction has a perfectly natural explanation for anyone willing to look for it.

Reed, of course, is using her story to build up his own prophetic ministry:

Is Reed lying to everyone? I can’t prove that.

Is it possible he’s lying to everyone? Hell yes.

It’s just an old trick repurposed for the Age of Facebook. If only his Christian followers were willing to accept that.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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