Preacher: It’s a Miracle! Thanks to God, My Backed-Up Toilet “Flushed PERFECT” April 8, 2020

Preacher: It’s a Miracle! Thanks to God, My Backed-Up Toilet “Flushed PERFECT”

We usually bring up Sid Roth on this site because he’s the host of a show called It’s Supernatural, where Christian dreams are taken completely seriously — and even reenacted. Roth has featured a man saying Jesus taught him to play the saxophone while he was dead and another guest who said God literally regrew his missing hand.

But since he’s self-quarantined, we’ll have to settle for his own miracles.

Like this story, shared this afternoon, all about a toilet that just wouldn’t flush.

… last night, I’m ready to go to bed, and I look at the toilet, and I forgot to flush it! And so I flushed it again, and then it totally backs up! I didn’t forget to flush it! It’s all backed up! And this is just before I’m going to bed!…

And so I ran out, and I said, “Joy, do we have a plunger here?” — because we’re not at our regular house — and she said, “Maybe! We’ll search around.”

We don’t have a plunger. Man of great faith! And then it dawns on me, I should pray! I prayed and before God, the toilet flushed PERFECT!

I’ll tell you what, that may sound like a little thing to you, but a backed up toilet for a Jew, we don’t know how to fix anything mechanical. Alright, we did pretty good in Israel on the inventions, but we don’t know how to fix anything mechanical.

And so, it was a major, major miracle for me!

Well, there you go. Here I’ve been looking for proof of God’s existence and this guy found it in a shit-filled toilet. It’s a miracle.

Thank goodness there are no actors around to reenact this one.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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