Christian “Prophetess”: Prayers Form Missiles to Destroy Satan in Second Heaven February 13, 2021

Christian “Prophetess”: Prayers Form Missiles to Destroy Satan in Second Heaven

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr has always made up facts about Christianity, declaring them with unearned confidence to the most gullible people she can find. She has previously said there’s football in Heaven, that God will put back any baby lost through a miscarriage, and that God keeps a warehouse in Heaven for anyone who needs (for example) a new kidney.

But on Friday, during a conversation with Steve Shultz of ElijahStreams, Kerr told us about the existence of Prayer Missiles, which apparently come into being whenever you pray to God.

Now, when worship happens on the Earth, normally, it is collected, number one, by angels a lot of times, but it also goes up to the atmosphere and it’s put into the bowls before the altar of God and it creates an incense. With that sacrifice of praise is the most beautiful incense in the throne room, when someone is doing that.

But it also creates a weapon, as you do that, when you say that, you know, You’re worthy, anyway. You are my God and I will not serve another. You are it. Missiles come out of your mouth, and they go up to the Second Heaven where Satan has a little mock kingdom set up, and you actually blow up parts of it. I mean, really, it explodes. They have to try to rebuild all the time. And so you’re very dangerous against Hell. On your worst days, we should always worship God…

Shultz’s response to that insane word salad? “Literally, this has never been taught to me.”

Of course it hasn’t. It’s nonsense. She made it up on the spot. She doesn’t have any proof for this stuff; it’s nothing more than someone with an overactive imagination who thinks every daydream she has must be God sending her secret messages. And instead of getting her the help she needs, people like Shultz encourage her to keep talking. It’s sad, really.

For what it’s worth, the idea that Satan inhabits a Second Heaven is a belief stemming from a biblical reference to a Third Heaven. That’s somehow not the strangest part of Kerr’s claim.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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