Preacher Praises Jesus (Again) for Fixing His Backed-Up Toilet June 23, 2020

Preacher Praises Jesus (Again) for Fixing His Backed-Up Toilet

It’s the update you’ve been waiting for.

Back in April, Sid Roth, the host of a show called It’s Supernatural, shared a miracle about how his toilet wouldn’t flush, but then he prayed, and “the toilet flushed PERFECT!”

Guess what? God’s lightning has struck twice in the same location.

Roth recently offered another update on his toilet in a video clip entitled “God’s Solution to Racial Injustice”:

This is not the purpose of my talk, but something just happened. And I know some people get upset, but I get so excited and happy, really happy, when I see God answer a prayer — whether it’s a big prayer or whether it’s a small prayer. I get excited.

And this morning, guess what happened?! The devil was messing with me. And I flush the toilet. And it keeps running. The water keeps running… I’ve had that before. I’ve done the whole thing with the plunger, and calling someone to fix it, and I don’t need that, you know, c’mon now!

So I immediately — no, it took me a few seconds — but almost immediately came to my senses, and I said, “I bind you, spirit, in the name of Jesus and command you to stop!”

And I said it with authority. And I proceeded — and I proceeded by faith, I might add — I proceeded by faith believing that when I flushed it, it would work, and it would stop the running water.

And by the way, yes, I did all the other things first and it didn’t work.

So I flush it. And it flushes! And I said, “Thank you, Jesus.” So that’s my little story to start.

The country has gone through a double trauma…

May you all one day be as happy as this man is at the sight of a clean toilet…

At this point, I would suggest an alternative to prayer: Sid needs to get a new toilet. These miracles won’t last forever. The more he tempts God with his shit, the more frustrated he will become.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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