Pastor: #45 Had an Interception in the Super Bowl, So Trump Is Still President February 8, 2021

Pastor: #45 Had an Interception in the Super Bowl, So Trump Is Still President

Pastor Johnny Enlow, who once said our nation’s future would involve the terms B.T. and A.T. (“Before Trump” and “After Trump”), that QAnon was “going to be proven so thoroughly,” and who claimed with no evidence that Donald Trump actually received 88 million votes (which he did not), is still spreading conspiracy theories.

You may recall that, last month, Enlow claimed that the score of the College Football Championship was a sign that Trump would remain in power.

He’s now doing the same thing with last night’s Super Bowl.

Well after the game was in the bag for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one of the Bucs caught an interception in the end zone — on a play that could’ve been a touchdown for the Kansas City Chiefs. That effectively ended the game minutes before time expired.

How does that prove Trump is still president?

The guy making the interception was Devin White… who wears the number 45. That’s it.

“All the observers already knew even before that point that Tampa Bay had won the game, because they had a huge lead.,” he continued. “It was 31-9, but at that point, it took out even the possibility [of a comeback], that was just it, there was no miracle comeback at that point, once number 45 [intercepted the pass]. So, I’m going to make a [prophetic] connection with number 45 intercepting the enemy in the end zone, and that’s when the celebration takes place, and I’m going to connect that with our president number 45 — Donald Trump, the Cyrus 45, Isaiah 45 anointing — and so that’s where it ends, that’s the moment of celebration.”

Enlow went on to claim that the 31 points scored by the Buccaneers was 77.5 percent of the total number of points scored in the game, which he claimed “very likely could” represent the percentage of votes won by Trump in the 2020 election before it was allegedly stolen due to voter fraud.

I’m only shocked he’s not declaring fraud on the final outcome of the game.

The problem with Enlow’s bizarre theory is that once you’ve locked in on a certain small number, you’re bound to see it wherever you go, whether it’s a speed limit sign or a player’s number. If the interception was caught by #46, would Enlow accept that Joe Biden is president? Of course not. He changes the rules of the game based on what he wants to hear. It’s his religion in a nutshell.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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