Christian Conspiracy Theorist: God Told Me Trump Got At Least 88 Million Votes December 15, 2020

Christian Conspiracy Theorist: God Told Me Trump Got At Least 88 Million Votes

Pastor Johnny Enlow, who once said our nation’s future would involve the terms B.T. and A.T. (“Before Trump” and “After Trump”) and who said in October that QAnon was “going to be proven so thoroughly,” is still spreading conspiracy theories.

This time, he’s saying that, because Trump has about 88 million followers on Twitter, but only received 74 million votes in the election, the discrepancy is the result of a “sting operation.” Therefore, Trump ought to be president.

Oh, and by the way, California and New York actually flipped for Trump, he added. (Spoiler: No they didn’t. It wasn’t even close.)

“Until we see at least 88 million votes show up for Trump and 45 states, it will not have been [legitimate],” Enlow added. “The numbers are actually greater than that. I don’t know why the Lord gave me two sets of numbers, but he just says, ‘You’re not even seeing close to the truth unless you see at least 88 million.’ He told me in a weird way: ‘If you don’t see at least as many votes as he has followers on Twitter’ — 88.6 million followers on Twitter, and that has been squelched as well. And then the states, he went through just one by one with me and was telling me who was where. And so here’s the big news: California and New York both went red.

Enlow weirdly thinks all 88 million followers on Twitter represent real life. He doesn’t understand that Trump’s followers include members of the media, people who hate him but want to know what the president is saying, masochists, a large chunk of people who stopped using Twitter a long time ago, and, sure, a bunch of supporters too.

It’s the same warped Christian logic that says because fewer people attended Joe Biden rallies — and weren’t honking their car horns in support of Biden, or putting up signs outside their homes — it must mean Biden actually has less support. They don’t get that the rest of us don’t live in cults. I can support Democrats from a safe distance. I don’t need to shout it at strangers like a weirdo.

But at least Enlow does us a favor and attributes his delusions to God. It’s not just him who can’t tell reality from fantasy. Blame God. It’s yet another sign that people who claim to be in communication with God are con artists, lying to themselves, or deeply in need of help. When the suggestion is this insane, it makes it a lot easier to put Enlow in that last category.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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