Christian “Prophetess”: If Biden is Inaugurated, God Told Me He’d “Kick Him Out” January 9, 2021

Christian “Prophetess”: If Biden is Inaugurated, God Told Me He’d “Kick Him Out”

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, a woman who says with unearned confidence that there is football in Heaven, that Donald Trump won a surefire landslide victory in the election he lost, and that God puts back miscarried babies, is once again making things up in the name of Jesus.

This time, she claimed that God visited her in her bedroom yesterday, very angry, insisting that Trump would remain in office. Here she is repeating His alleged words:

Can you not stand and not turn to the left and give himself as a partner to the evil that wants to take this land? Well, I say no, it will not happen. It will end and it will be done because I say it will be done!

Watch My hand move! Now that man is done with their process, I will put My show on, and no one will ever forget when that happens. There will be great celebrations in the streets of this country and around the world. That great victory has come on behalf of the body of Christ, on behalf of My America, that I’m not giving up to any enemy.

So be ready to see what will happen, regardless of what they show. The lying frying (?) news and the liars and the stealers and the takers will pay greatly for what they have tried to do. So they will fail and fail greatly in every way, because that landslide will pull every one of them down, and justice will be served, says your God.

So stand in the light, or run to the darkness. But nothing will stop Me from My plan of putting My son Donald Trump back in that White House. Even if they inaugurate the villain and try to put him there, I will kick him out. I will remove him and I remove every obstacle that’s in the way. Maybe they’ll show that in the news, says your God.

Trump lost. Joe Biden will be president in 11 days. God has nothing to do with any of this. Republicans lack the power to change this. Many of them lack the ethics to accept it.

If God wanted to change the election results, He had years to plan, an election to overturn, minions to manipulate and yet He failed.

I guess the Christian God is weak. We have Kat Kerr to thank for letting us all know that.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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