Christian “Prophetess”: Trump Won by a “Landslide” If We Redefine “Landslide” November 7, 2020

Christian “Prophetess”: Trump Won by a “Landslide” If We Redefine “Landslide”

As the election results become more certain, self-proclaimed “Prophetess” Kat Kerr is one of many charismatic Christians frantically scrambling to make excuses for their prophetic visions that Donald Trump would be re-elected. (That is, when she’s not explaining football in Heaven.)

What’s her excuse for being so wrong about a surefire landslide victory for Trump?

Turns out we all just misinterpreted the meaning of “landslide.”

“If you will remember, one of the things [God] had me say was that Trump would win by a landslide,” Kerr said. “In their human mind, they already put together what they think that means. But many times, as we know in the word or even just from experience ourselves — especially as a prophet — that doesn’t ever mean what man thinks that means.

Kerr said a landslide begins when a few small stones strike and loosen larger stones, and that is exactly what will happen with the exposure of voter fraud.

“The thing [God] kept saying to me this morning, ‘When you begin to feel the ground move, [it] means the landslide of exposure is about to begin,’” Kerr declared. “And then he said, ‘It will all start with one phone call.’ Those who have been perpetrating the lie — they’ve been paid to commit lies or stealing or cheating — will begin to get very nervous. They’re actually already nervous. And let me tell you, conviction is going to come upon some of them in the lower levels; that’s what he meant about the landslide, the smaller rocks move first, which pulls the bigger ones down. And that’s what he meant when he said, ‘Trump will win by a landslide.’ So, there you go. That’s the difference between revelation and what man in their head thinks that means.”

So when she said Trump would win by a landslide, she means Democrats cheated. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find evidence of voter fraud, or if the only evidence of any voter fraud comes from Republicans, that’s the story and she’s sticking to it. (If Democrats were all that powerful, you would think Hillary Clinton would have won… or they would’ve at least defeated Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham this time around.)

Forget the religiosity for a moment: People of integrity know how to lose gracefully or admit when they were wrong about something. There’s a reason a video of George H.W. Bush’s concession speech from 1992 has been making the rounds online this week. What we’ve seen so far from Trump is further evidence that he was never fit for the role. Whining, posting misinformation on Twitter (in all caps, naturally), and refusing to take responsibility is what an adult tantrum looks like. History shouldn’t forget it no matter how hard his supporters will soon try to pretend it never happened.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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