COVID-Denying Pastor Whines That Kamala Harris (a Baptist) Isn’t Truly Christian November 7, 2020

COVID-Denying Pastor Whines That Kamala Harris (a Baptist) Isn’t Truly Christian

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California is not a smart man. In May, he argued that two months of abiding by lockdown orders was enough and churches should go back to meeting in person despite the COVID threat. In August, he wore a combat helmet to make the case that Christians were under attack. In September, he hosted an in-person baptism for over 1,000 people.

And now his Lord and Savior Donald Trump appears to be on the cusp of defeat, and Hibbs can’t handle it.

During a service on Wednesday night, Hibbs got on his knees and weeped for a future administration that didn’t include any real religious people:

Regarding Joe Biden, who’s a devout Catholic, Hibbs said to God, “All [Biden] knows is his version of Catholicism; he doesn’t know You personally.” In other words, all Catholics are heretics who will burn in Hell.

What about Kamala Harris, whose name Hibbs butchered just like other racists? Hibbs said, “She’s had such a crazy exposure to spiritual things, but none the truth.”

Harris is Baptist.

If Hibbs is freaking out, though, let him. Let him pray for his fantasy world because he sure as hell doesn’t want to live in the real world. Thank goodness the people who share his views were defeated. Their delusions belong inside closed doors, not as a blueprint for how our nation should function.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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