Hate-Pastor Joshua Feuerstein Is Launching a Church for Christian Nationalists September 30, 2020

Hate-Pastor Joshua Feuerstein Is Launching a Church for Christian Nationalists

This really is quintessential Christian Nationalism for you.

Christian evangelist and hate-preacher Joshua Feuerstein, a man who claims “the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible” and gets apoplectic over rainbow boxes for french fries and red cups at Starbucks, has already been banned from Facebook. But he glommed onto his wife’s page to announce the launch of a new church in Texas.

During a video in which his wife was almost entirely silent, Feuerstein said “America’s Church” would go heavy on Jesus and country… which is shorthand for promoting the myth that America is a nation created by Christians, for Christians, any anything that doesn’t align with the Republican Party is inherently evil.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of that announcement is Feuerstein’s claim that this church needs to be launched during the pandemic precisely because some churches have gone online or stopped meeting in person — or, as he falsely claims, “silenced.” He says in the description, “We are a church that believes in your constitutional freedom to worship without constraint.”

That’s Republicanese for: Face masks and social distancing don’t matter to us.

It’s not surprising that Feuerstein would launch a church to put himself back at the center of attention. Nor is it surprising that this idiot wants to hold in-person services that could become virus super-spreader events.

What’s truly disturbing is the conflation of Christianity and patriotism, as if you can’t have one without the other, especially because Feuerstein’s entire history has been treating anyone who’s not a hard-right Republican as a traitor.

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