MAGA Cultist Josh Bernstein Calls for Execution of Congresswoman September 30, 2020

MAGA Cultist Josh Bernstein Calls for Execution of Congresswoman

Right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein, who said just last week that a Joe Biden victory would lead to a violent revolution, got even more violent on yesterday’s show.

He claimed that progressive Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota should be executed.

He specifically references a recent faux-sting operation released by the right-wing Project Veritas in which a man allegedly engaged in illegal ballot harvesting. That claim turned out to be misguided since state law permits what he’s doing. The more egregious claims in the video, which would be illegal, have not yet been substantiated. Given the group’s track record of trying to lie their way to coverage, there’s no reason to take it seriously.

But Bernstein not only fell for the bait, he’s acting on it by calling for a congresswoman’s murder.

“Welcome to Little Mogadishu,” he said. “It’s an area in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is — I’ll use the word — infested with jihadists and terrorists, that’s right, from Somalia. You know, it’s amazing they come to our country and they say they want to do the right thing and have a better life. But yet, what do they do? They cause crime, they cause havoc, they’re part of the Black Lives Matter movement. They are radicalized. They hate this country. And of course, they are led by the number one terrorist in the United States of America, the one that was selected through massive voter fraud to be a member of the House of Representatives. Of course, I am talking to the notorious towel-headed America-and Jew-hater, Ilhan [Omar].”

“I believe that the FBI and the Department of Justice should charge Ilhan [Omar] with sedition, treason, marriage fraud, voter fraud, illegal campaign contributions, immigration fraud, and aiding and abetting our enemies,” Bernstein added. “She is a worthless pile of shit. OK? Let me be as clear as I can, Right Wing Watch. She should be arrested, tried and — I know your favorite word, Right Wing Watch. What’s your favorite word? How many articles have you written about me when I’ve used this word? The E-word? That’s right — this bitch should be executed. There it is. I said it once again.”

This is what passes for intelligent conversation in conservative circles these days…

If a Muslim host said this of a Christian member of Congress, it would be front-page news. Yet I doubt this will get much attention.

For what it’s worth, Bernstein has a Patreon account, and this kind of hate speech clearly violates their terms and conditions. The website shouldn’t be allowing him to use their platform. I’ve reached out to them to see how they plan to respond.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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