Christian Preacher: As a Boy, God Cured My Acne and Left Fingerprints on My Face June 26, 2020

Christian Preacher: As a Boy, God Cured My Acne and Left Fingerprints on My Face

Are you a young man with an acne problem? Well, Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries has the solution for you.

During a live broadcast Wednesday night alongside his wife Brenda, Kunneman explained how he struggled with acne as a teenager until one day, in church, God miraculously cured it! He even left behind a souvenir.

… And I want to speak this because I have… had this happen to me. I was healed of acne at the age of 18 years of age. I had a really bad acne breakout. And one of the first things that Jesus did for me was, in 1984, it was like the second week of my salvation, and it was during communion service, the pastor had a word of knowledge that someone is being healed of acne and began to describe all the different acne things — you know, the blackheads and all that, the whiteheads and all that.

And, you know, he was very descriptive. Well, it described my condition. I was very embarrassed about the flareup that happened. But you know what? Look at my face. There’s no scarring. I was completely healed.

In fact, after that happened, he said the Lord is taking His hands and He’s putting it on your face. God is my witness, I began to see little fingerprints that appeared where there was acne. You could see where God had touched it because there would be clear skin. It’s like someone took two hands on both sides and it began to get wider and wider and wider until it was all gone.

And I do that right now. If you’ve got acne on your face, and you’ve been dealing with this right now, man, I feel the compassion of God. The same Jesus that healed me, the same God that healed me, heal these precious people of acne. No scarring. Let them see this immediate relief and release. And from this moment forward, Lord God of Hosts, they’re healed from acne. And it never will come back again. And it will dry up immediately. Without scarring, and pain, and marks, in Jesus’ name.

Just to state the obvious, acne goes away over time for most people. There are products they can put on their skin to deal with it. Dermatologists can help them. Prayer will not resolve the issue since oily skin functions independent of your religious beliefs.

If Kunneman’s miracle touching works, though, he’d make a hell of a lot of money bottling it up and selling it Jim Bakker-style.

Don’t get too excited about the solution, though. Back in February, Brenda Kunneman asked God to stop COVID-19 through His “supernatural” powers. Two weeks prior to that, Hank Kunneman said coronavirus would never hurt us because Donald Trump was anti-abortion and pro-Israel, and God would surely reward us for that.

Needless to say, God doesn’t take this couple seriously. No one else should either.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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