Jenna Ellis: We Must Re-Elect Trump So SCOTUS Swings the GOP’s Way Every Time June 26, 2020

Jenna Ellis: We Must Re-Elect Trump So SCOTUS Swings the GOP’s Way Every Time

Donald Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, during the same interview in which she offered a tearful explanation of why she worries Christianity will be canceled, also expressed her disappointment with the two major Supreme Court decisions last week that leaned in a more progressive direction.

One case said anti-discrimination laws protected LGBTQ people; the other protected DACA recipients. The former still allows for employers to cite their religious beliefs when firing gay or trans employees; the other could be reversed if Republicans fill out the proper paperwork. Which is to say they’re welcome rulings, but they’re hardly the paradigm-changing decisions that liberals wanted.

Still, Ellis says, if conservatives are unhappy with the Court’s decisions, there’s a simple solution: Just re-elect Donald Trump to give the Court a little more leeway.

She explained this to right-wing radio host Eric Metaxas:

“But we have to give President Trump another four years because — listen, no justice is ever going to get things 100 percent correct all of the time,” Ellis said. “And even though what Gorsuch did in this decision was absolutely terrible, he has had a stellar track record over the last three years on the bench. If President Trump was appointing two or three more conservative justices, if we had a wider margin, then when one or two justices get one decision wrong​, they will always be in the minority, and we could have a Supreme Court that we could depend on to actually interpret the Constitution as meant and stay in their lane.”

Imagine how conservative you have to be to see what Trump has done to the judiciary, packing it with unqualified people for lifetime appointments with the rubber stamp of Republicans, and think it’s still not enough because conservatives don’t win everything every time.

The blatant transparency here is almost refreshing. There’s no guesswork involved in trying to decipher the Right’s true agenda. They won’t be satisfied unless the country is a safe space for white Christians and no one else. Jenna Ellis won’t be happy unless other people are constantly suffering.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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