Christian Preacher: I Don’t Fear COVID Since My Son and Wife Rose from the Dead May 27, 2020

Christian Preacher: I Don’t Fear COVID Since My Son and Wife Rose from the Dead

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack has said in the past that God will cure COVID-19 by turning off the virus receptors in our body and that if you catch the virus, it’s only because you’re not really a devout Christian.

But none of that matters because Wommack isn’t the least bit afraid of the virus. Why is that? Because, he insists, his son and his wife were raised from the dead. Therefore there’s nothing the virus can do that God can’t overcome.

He made the claim during an online Bible study last night.

And, you know, concerning this coronavirus, I think we talked about this on some of our Bible studies in the past.

But once you’ve seen your son raised from the dead — my son was dead for 4-5 hours, without oxygen, and actually pronounced dead, and put in a morgue in a cooler, stripped naked with a toe tag on — and once you see your son raised from the dead, nearly five hours without oxygen and there’s no brain damage. And I’ve seen my wife raised from the dead! And I’ve seen lots of miracles happen!

Once you see that, and you know that you have access to this power, then coronavirus comes along… they just had a report in Colorado Springs on the number of people — I think there’s like 750,000 — I forget what the number was — but this pastor actually took the physical number of people in Colorado Springs versus the number of people that had died of the coronavirus, and it was 0.001. One one-thousandth of one percent. [Those two numbers are not equivalent – HM] And you see how weak that thing is, even in the natural realm, people that aren’t even believing God.

But when you know that you have raising from the dead power on the inside, it’s like, man, is this the best thing you could throw at me? This is no big deal.

1) I don’t know where Wommack got that 0.001 number from. I looked. Didn’t find it. But there have been over 1,300 deaths in Colorado (statewide) so far and the disease can spread easily. For the sake of comparison, there were just over 500 traffic deaths in the state last year and it would be idiotic for anyone to argue that seat belts are unnecessary… and those deaths aren’t communicable!

2) His son and his wife did not rise from the dead. Either they weren’t dead in the first place or he’s lying. (He has shared this story before. There’s no evidence, no video, no doctor’s testimonial, no medical records to suggest the story is true.)

3) 100,000 people have died from the virus across the country. Wommack thinks “this is no big deal.”

4) His statements must be especially cruel to the Christians who have lost loved ones during this pandemic.

Wommack has never been mistaken for an intelligent guy, but his faith-based dismissal of this virus is both ignorant and potentially fatal if it convinces some Christians not to take proper precautions.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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