Preacher: God Will Save Us from COVID-19 by Turning Off Our Virus Receptors April 2, 2020

Preacher: God Will Save Us from COVID-19 by Turning Off Our Virus Receptors

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack, who once claimed to raise two babies from the dead, has the cure for COVID-19!

Just believe in God. Because — wait for it — God will turn off the virus receptors in your body.

It’s just science, people.

we were promised that no sickness would even come nigh our dwelling. And Daniel, something I’ve been studying just in the last couple of days, based on all of this, was Exodus 23:25, and that verse says that you shall serve the Lord, your God, and He shall take… all sickness away… away from the midst of thee.”

And I looked up those words in the Hebrew, and the word “take” and “away,” the word on either side of “sickness,” it literally means to “turn off.”

He will turn off sickness. And it was put in there twice, just to emphasize that, you know, whatever receptors you have in your body that make you receptive to sickness, He’ll turn it off.

That’s awesome!

There you have it. A book written thousands of years ago, with no knowledge of cells much less cell receptors, told us that God would mess with our bodies to protect us from COVID-19. Obviously.

I mean, sure, God could’ve prevented the outbreak all together… but I guess rewriting everyone’s genetic code is much easier.

Wommack offered no explanation for why God hasn’t done these things for the thousands of people who have already died from the virus.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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