Pastor Puts $4.4 Million Mansion Up for Auction After Being Forced to Pay Taxes November 14, 2019

Pastor Puts $4.4 Million Mansion Up for Auction After Being Forced to Pay Taxes

A controversial megachurch pastor known for hosting “spring break” lingerie and sleepover parties put his mansion, valued at $4.4 million, up for auction after he lost a legal battle over a tax-exempt status that was revoked after the parties came to light.

Last year, Florida Pastor Markus Bishop lost an appeal over the tax-exempt status of his property, which was removed alongside others after it was revealed that Faith Christian Family Church allowed its property to be taken over during Spring Break by a nightclub called “Amnesia” that hosted foam and “anything but clothes” parties.

The pastor hopes to make at least $2 million from the impending sale.

The home sits on 1.6 acres that holds six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It has luxurious features like a tennis, basketball and volleyball court with a fitness room.

Inside the entrance of the home lays Italian marble flooring and according to Executive Vice President of Fisher Auction Company Francis D. Santos, the home is very unique.

“I’ve sold Warren Sapp’s home, I’ve sold David Cassidy’s home and I’ve sold the Versace home and I would put this one (Bishop estate) up there with it,” Santos said.

Remember, this is a personal home that this megachurch pastor was not paying any taxes on by virtue of being a pastor. He’s only selling the home because he’s no longer receiving an undeserved perk.

But this is far from the only controversial issue Bishop is involved with. In fact, those other scandals may be motivating his decision to sell.

Other controversies the former pastor has faced include being arrested in June 2016 on marijuana charges in Escambia County. He was charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana.

Bishop is currently being sued for failing to make installment payments on time for a $50,000 loan he borrowed in February 2018.

This is only the most recent in a series of high-profile disputes involving religious figures who live lavish lives thanks to their own churches. Just last year, for instance, the Catholic Church in San Jose bought one of its retiring bishops a $2.3 million home. After extensive criticism, he decided not to move into the high-end house.

All the more reason the “Parsonage Exemption” should be revised or eliminated. A federal lawsuit failed to do the trick, and another effort is underway, but people like Bishop are providing clear evidence for why pastors don’t really need the government perk.

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