MAGA Cultist: Because of Trump, Women Are “Truly Equal for the First Time Ever” November 14, 2019

MAGA Cultist: Because of Trump, Women Are “Truly Equal for the First Time Ever”

Who needs the Equal Rights Amendment?

Gina Loudon, co-chair of Women for Trump 2020, said in an interview with right-wing host Bill Mitchell that Donald Trump has done so much for women, they are “truly equal for the first time ever.”

He has been the women’s president. This president has done more for women — it’s unparalleled. There’s no president that even comes close to having done for women what this president has done for women, and the things that this president has done for women will be a legacy to our daughters, to our granddaughters, to our great-granddaughters…

We are truly equal for the first time ever. And we have to re-elect this president in 2020.

It’s true. He’s done a lot for women. He bragged about grabbing their pussies. He’s allegedly raped them. He watched them undress at his pageant. He made it harder for them to obtain birth control. He made it harder for them to get health care. He’s not nominating a ton of them for the federal bench.

I suppose he gets some credit for inspiring the Women’s March.

Loudon, on the other hand, doesn’t care about any of the ways he’s actively hurt women before or during his time in office. She doesn’t care about the reactions he’s inspired in many women, especially women of color. She’s too busy stroking his ego to consider the way he might be making life worse for women who aren’t her. That sort of tunnel vision isn’t surprising for MAGA cultists, but it’s still appalling for anyone to suggest women are now “equal.”

Loudon understands math as well as conservatives understand science.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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