Christian Preacher: “When Women Take Over a Culture, Men Become Weak” November 14, 2019

Christian Preacher: “When Women Take Over a Culture, Men Become Weak”

Pastor John MacArthur recently made headlines for telling Bible teacher Beth Moore to “go home.” Now, he’s doubling down on his efforts to let the world know how little respect he has for female preachers.

Though, to be honest, it just sounds like he doesn’t have much respect for women, period.

Guess what? When women take over a culture, men become weak. When men become weak, they can be conquered… When all the men have been slaughtered, you [women] can sit there with all your jewelry and junk. You’ve been conquered, because you’ve overpowered your protector.

RELEVANT points out that this clip comes from a longer sermon, “Does the Bible Permit a Woman to Preach?,” which MacArthur posted online over the weekend.

Over the course of the sermon, MacArthur laid out his belief that women are not just ill-equipped for spiritual leadership but for any kind of leadership role. He said that “typical women’s sensibilities,” which in his mind include “compassion,” “mercy,” and “kindness” make women “more vulnerable,” which is why they need men to “protect them from deception.”

This is quite a departure from even traditional complementarian beliefs, which permit women to teach other women. Now, apparently, even that’s no longer allowed. I guess women teaching women will just lead to all kinds of ideas. Those are like kryptonite for MacArthur.

The irony is that the Bible is full of stories about powerful women. Like Deborah, who is likened to the biblical Joan of Arc for commanding an army. Or Esther, who used her cleverness to save her people from massacre. Or the midwives who rescued the baby Moses from death and told Pharaoh (who didn’t permit any Hebrew baby boys to live) that “the Hebrew women give birth too fast for us to keep up” (and the dude actually fell for it). Or Mary Magdalene, who was the first witness to the resurrected Christ, and the first to alert the (male) disciples.

Maybe MacArthur is resentful that Jesus didn’t appear to a man first.

Whatever his issue is, the resentment is pretty clear — MacArthur doesn’t appear to respect the intelligence, dignity, and worth of any women at all, which makes me grieve for the ones that are in his immediate family and his ministry.

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