Jesse Lee Peterson: Women With Degrees “Don’t Make for Good Wives and Mothers” August 30, 2019

Jesse Lee Peterson: Women With Degrees “Don’t Make for Good Wives and Mothers”

Conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, a self-hating black man who routinely trashes liberals and calls Donald Trump the “Great White Hope,” shamed a female FOX News host for working and her husband for resigning from Congress to spend more time with his family.

His rant was focused on the announcement by GOP Rep. Sean Duffy that he’d be stepping down from his Wisconsin seat because he was about to have his ninth child with FOX News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy. They know the baby will need open-heart surgery after it’s born, so it’s hard to fault Duffy for his decision… so naturally, Peterson is faulting him for his decision.

He’s going after the wife, too, because he can’t believe she still wants to have a career.

This woman is a selfish, egotistical woman and this man is too beta male to make her do the right thing,” Peterson continued. “This woman is a selfish woman. She has nine kids and she’s trying to be like a man, ‘I want to be seen by the world as such a working woman.’ Women, God has given you the gift of being the assistant of the man, to watch over his children, to make sure things are well at home, to be there when the kids come home, to cook, clean, provide in that way. There is no greater job for a woman than that. And I don’t know why these men would marry these women if they don’t have that mindset. It’s like being married to another man. It’s selfishness, it’s not love.”

“She has control over him,” Peterson added. “He’s a beta male. So Sean Duffy, Representative Duffy, you are a beta male! It’s ridiculous, really ridiculous, and it’s sad for the children. Nine children? You need to be home, and the man, you need to be out providing and being the light for your family … Men, you need to come back to your proper state of being so God can give you the right kind of woman to marry. I wouldn’t recommend you marry these educated women with these degrees; they don’t make for good wives and mothers.

Ooooh boy. Somehow, being married to a working woman is just like being gay is the fifth worst thing he said in that rant.

But it’s very much like Peterson to shame women for getting a formal education when, in his mind, the only things they’re good for are cooking, cleaning, and breeding. (As long as they don’t breed daughters, otherwise, the fathers aren’t real men.)

Give Peterson credit, though: The king of the worst possible takes will keep his crown yet again.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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