Preacher: At a Recent Healing Conference, a Dead Baby Was Brought Back to Life August 21, 2019

Preacher: At a Recent Healing Conference, a Dead Baby Was Brought Back to Life

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack is known for his lies about Jesus. Last year, for example, he criticized Christians who complained about cancer, saying cancer was really “no big deal” since Jesus would save you in the afterlife. He has also said he raised his own son from the dead. Just a couple of weeks ago, he talked about an atheist who appeared at his Bible study in Vietnam, yelled at him, and walked out… only to return a few minutes later to repent and ask for spiritual help.

None of these things ever come with evidence.

So why stop there?

Yesterday, Wommack was on his “Truth & Liberty Coalition” webcast talking about a recent “healing conference” he hosted at Charis Bible College in Colorado (which he started).

Just listen to what he claims happened during the event (around the 20:16 mark).

… It was awesome. We saw a little baby raised from the dead. The baby was dead, and the mother just came and put the baby on the stage, and we prayed, and this baby came back to life.

We saw a man that carried his wife up. She was probably 80 and probably 60 pounds or less and had a brain disease — couldn’t talk or move — and after a few minutes praying, she started talking, and she sat up, then she stood up, and then she walked.

We saw over a thousand people miraculously healed and saw lots of people saved. Born again… It was a special, special time.

Wait wait wait. Back up.

A woman’s baby was dead… and she took the corpse to a Christian college… and the baby came back to life… AND NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS UNTIL THIS VERY MOMENT?! Every journalist in the world missed the biggest story EVER?! (How was this mother even allowed to carry around a dead body like that?)

Where’s the video?! I want to see that video!

And then there’s this elderly woman with a brain disease who’s now walking and talking?! Okay, it’s not quite a zombie infant, but still! I’ll take video of that, too!

Yesterday, I sent an email to the school asking if they could point me to the evidence of either incident so that I could share the miracles with my readers. You would think they’d have that handy.

No response so far.

I’m sure it’ll come in soon, though. Why wouldn’t they be eager to show the world the power of prayer?!

There are a bunch of videos from the conference posted here. If any of you find the clips of the revived baby, please let me know. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. It must be. Andrew Wommack said so.

***UPDATE***: The school responded by saying the video of the elderly woman getting healed could be seen here around the 3:45:48 mark:

You can hear preacher Todd White say, “God, we thank you for brand new spinal cords in Jesus’ name.” Obviously, much as with a Benny Hinn-like revival ministry, there’s no way of confirming this woman’s medical condition before or after the event.

The school has not responded regarding the dead baby.

***UPDATE 2***: The school has responded about the dead baby video:

Unfortunately, the session with the baby being healed was not recorded as the healing occurred when a private panel was taking place at the Conference.

Oh man. I can’t believe every camera missed the most miraculous thing in the history of humanity in order to capture a bunch of people talking about how miracles are real. I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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