Pastor Tells Dubious Story of Converting Atheist Who Stopped By His Bible Study August 9, 2019

Pastor Tells Dubious Story of Converting Atheist Who Stopped By His Bible Study

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack is known for his over-the-top claims in the name of Jesus. Last year, for example, he criticized Christians who complained about cancer, saying cancer was really “no big deal” since Jesus would save you in the afterlife. He has also said he raised his own son from the dead.

But his latest claim is really unbelievable.

On his show yesterday, Wommack told a story about how he converted an atheist during a Bible study. And if that sounds entirely made up, well, you’re almost certainly right. It’s a common theme among pastors to share detail-free stories about how they converted people without ever offering evidence it occurred.

Wommack’s story begins around the 8:49 mark:

… I was in Vietnam holding a Bible study, and this is right after I’d first gotten turned onto the Lord. And I had an atheist — a Princeton graduate — come in. And he was an intellectual. And he started asking me these tough questions that I didn’t have answers for, and I wasn’t an apologist. And so I didn’t have an answer for him.

But basically, the only thing I could do was to say, “I know Jesus is real because He talks to me. I have a relationship. And I know the Bible is real because God speaks to me. The Word has come alive.”

And he just ridiculed me. And there was about 7 to 8 people in my Bible study and he got up and he says “You’re a fool” and he walked out and took all of my Bible study with him. They went with him instead of with me. But I was sitting there about 30 minutes later, just thinking about, God, that was a total failure. What could I have done differently?

And this guy walks back in. And he says, “I want what you’ve got.” And I thought, “You do?” I said, “Why? Because you walked out on me.” And he says, “My whole life, is based on an argument. It’s based on intellectual things.” He says, “I pride myself on that.” And he says, “I just made a fool out of you. And yet you still believe. You’ve got something that is beyond just reason. You’ve got a relationship.” And he says, “I want that.” And I got to lead this guy to the Lord.

There’s no way in hell that happened.

How many atheists who pride themselves on being intellectual decide, after 30 minutes, that they’re going to set aside that whole “logic” and “reason” thing in order to build a fictional relationship with the supernatural?

What atheist leads a group out of a Bible study, only to turn back around, alone, and apologize and repent?

What atheist even goes to a random Bible study for the sole purpose of calling it nonsense?

And what sort of Christian would have that happen to him without taking down the name of the atheist in question so that his account can be verified in the future?

Not that Wommack’s guest challenged him. Nope. He just accepted it as fact and moved on.

Critical thinking isn’t one of their strong suits.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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