Scamvangelist: God Gave Me a Private Plane During the Pandemic, So Keep Donating October 30, 2021

Scamvangelist: God Gave Me a Private Plane During the Pandemic, So Keep Donating

There’s nothing scamvangelists love more than bragging about their private planes. The latest example? Jerry Savelle, president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International and founder of Heritage of Faith Christian Center.

Speaking at an event yesterday hosted by fellow preacher and plane enthusiast Kenneth Copeland, Savelle explained that he gave “seed money” to Copeland’s ministry for two decades… and that seed finally blossomed into a private jet in September of 2020.

(Very relatable, this anecdote.)

For 20 years, I sowed seed, particularly into Brother Copeland’s aviation department, believing God for an international aircraft — because I have preached in 49 different nations in my 52 years in the ministry. And I don’t just preach in nations; I have an apostolic anointing. I’m a planter. I plant Bible schools, I plant churches, I plant orphanage[s]. I’ve built medical facilities.

And I cannot get to all the places I need to go through commercial airlines.

And I’ve been believing God for an international jet for 20 years.

And wouldn’t you just know it, seed that I’ve sown for 20 years has been trying to grow. And guess when it produced the harvest? During a time when the world was screaming “worst of times,” I was having my “best of times.”

And look what the Lord has done.


… So get ready to sow your seed today. And whatever you’re believing God for, just think, “I’m going to sow my seed, it’s gonna grow, and it’s [gonna] become what I’m believing God for it to become,” because that’s what a seed it does. It grows and it becomes.

I’m dying to know where Savelle has been that’s completely inaccessible to commercial planes.

Needless to say, the gullible people who immediately gave money to Copeland’s ministry after that speech aren’t going to have the cash to buy a plane anytime soon. Or ever. (Notice that Savelle didn’t say how much money he had given to Copeland over the years, how much he had in the bank during that time, or how much the plane cost.)

Nor did he mention that he’s also wealthy enough to have had several planes in the past. In a podcast this past May, Savelle told another version of the exact same story with a few more details. This is from the transcript on his website:

… You know, once again I have been believing God for this airplane for 20 years. Now, God has blessed me over the years. This is the 10th debt-free airplane that God has blessed this ministry with, in 52 years. Now I’m not saying I own 10 airplanes. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t say I have 10 airplanes out at the airport. No, over 52 years God has blessed me with 10 different debt-free airplanes. And the way this one came was I believe, the favour of God. In fact let me tell you a little bit about the story…

… I’ve sown seed for that international jet for many, many years. In fact, every time I heard of another minister believing for an international airplane, I would sow seed into his airplane. I sowed seed into Brother Copeland’s, numerous times before it manifested. I sowed seed into Jesse du Plantis’ airplane. I sowed seed into Keith Moore’s airplane. I’m a sower of seed. And I learned a long, long time ago, if you want a harvest then you got to sow seed. I was born on a farm in Mississippi and my grandfather taught me that if you sow seed, boy, you’re going to reap a harvest.

It’s not exactly a rags-to-riches story when the story of your ministry’s history could plausibly include the phrase 10 private planes ago.

All these guys just boost each other’s ministry, knowing they’re ultimately enriching themselves. And none of them have the heart to tell their followers that the kind of luxury they’re praying for is completely out of their grasps.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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