Evangelist: I Attended an Invite-Only Gathering with a Supreme Court Justice October 18, 2021

Evangelist: I Attended an Invite-Only Gathering with a Supreme Court Justice

Preacher Robin Bullock is usually known for his outlandish claims and failed “prophecies,” but apparently those sermons give him some serious clout. Because over the weekend, he apparently attended an invite-only gathering in New York that included a very special someone in the crowd…

… Listen, we were in New York yesterday, and it was a very strategic meeting, and even the location was absolutely… You had to match IDs to names on lists to even get in the room. And so we were standing there — there was a Supreme Court justice in the room, from New York… I mean, and the power of God went through that room…

[WIFE ROBIN R. BULLOCK: There was, uh, people in… high places… in the judicial system.]

Yeah, I think somebody said that, and the Supreme Court justice was there, from New York.

[WIFE ROBIN R. BULLOCK: Yes… It was very strategic, and it was only about 300…]

Think about that.

[WIFE ROBIN R. BULLOCK: … that was given invitations that was there.]

But we couldn’t tell anybody about it until after it was over… Because it was all covert. It was just kind of… and you can see how supernatural it was.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way: Yes, his wife’s name is also Robin Bullock. Just add it to the list of questions you have about this man’s existence.

Anyway, I call bullshit. We can safely assume he wasn’t referring to Sonia Sotomayor. So maybe a state Supreme Court justice from New York? But even then, who would be caught dead with these people at a hyper-partisan religious event?

The gathering he’s referring to is a gathering called — wait for it — “The Gathering.” It took place at a Trump golf club in Briarcliff Manor, New York, which we know because plenty of people posted about the oh-so-secretive event:

No word yet on who the justice in question is. Strangely, none of the event’s attendees seem to have mentioned that person in Facebook comments, as far as I can tell. I would love to know, though… I’m sure the public would, too.

***Update***: Bullock said today in a separate interview today that it was a New York State Supreme Court justice. Still don’t have a name, but there you go.

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