Evangelist Robin Bullock: I Met God, and He Lives in a Cube Made of Gelatin August 27, 2021

Evangelist Robin Bullock: I Met God, and He Lives in a Cube Made of Gelatin

Self-described “prophet” Robin Bullock, who recently claimed that Jesus spoke to him after walking through a water portal, spent a part of an interview yesterday with the always-gullible Steve Shultz of Elijah List Ministries discussing his personal encounters with God.

For example, did you know God lives in a giant cube made of gelatin?

… I remember one time… You know, I’ve been to Heaven in different Throne Rooms a few times. And every time I was in a Throne Room — He has different Throne Rooms for different things — I watched Him create the world one time… It was the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.

And when you got to the end of it, but the White Throne, it’s set up on about seven tiers. And when you look down at it, it was massive. It was a massive thing. And it was inside this cube of, like, uh, gelatin. It was like clear gelatin. And it went around in a square around Him and his whole Throne. You could see his hair. You could see the outline of it inside that. And his beard.

… He’s watching all of this, and His eyes, full of fire, and He’s just watching. And inside this cube of gelatin, it was clear, like, it was pure energy. It was power. It was just, like, electricity alive inside this cube.

When you see Him like that, that cube had to be around him. There was too much power coming out of Him. It had to be there.

Now there’s a vision you never learned about in church: God spends his days in a block of Jell-O using His “fire” eyes to watch little girls (“13, 14-year-old girls” according to Bullock) in ballerina costumes dance around Him.

I would call that just plain creepy. But these guys call it a realistic vision of God’s spirit. And based on his reactions, Steve Shultz believes every word of it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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