Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Phexxi Birth Control Ad Due To “Sexual Perversion” September 24, 2021

Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Phexxi Birth Control Ad Due To “Sexual Perversion”

Monica Cole, the one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,136), is once again going after a commercial that talks about vaginas. A couple of weeks ago, she whined about a Gillette Venus ad regarding shaving and personal hygiene. Now she’s complaining about an on-demand birth control method called Phexxi.

Schitt’s Creek actress Annie Murphy stars in an ad for the company in which she discusses the “house rules” for her vagina. One of them is no hormones — perfect for a hormone-free gel. And the entire ad takes place in a pink mansion that’s theoretically the inside of her vagina. Naturally.

There’s innuendo in the sense that someone’s clearly coming over for sexytimes. But that’s it. Nothing explicit is shown. The only way you can find this offensive is if you can’t handle an honest adult conversation about sex and birth control.

Cue Monica Cole, who never made it to adulthood:

This particular type of sexual perversion during a commercial is entirely too graphic for television. The details are over the top.

This ad would be inappropriate for television no matter what network it aired on. There is an even greater concern that the commercial is airing when some children could possibly still be awake watching TV. To make matters worse, this advertisement has aired at 9:00 pm and a little later on Nickelodeon.

Phexxi has crossed a line that it should have never crossed.

I haven’t been able to confirm what channels this ad aired on. But let’s run with what Cole said.

If it aired on Nickelodeon, it wouldn’t have been during the times they air children’s programming, so who cares. Cole never mentions where the ad airs otherwise, which is puzzling.

If she’s worried about kids accidentally seeing this ad, what does she think they’ll take away from it? (I assume most adults couldn’t explain, in basic terms, what this gel does. There’s no way kids would know what’s happening.) And if the ad airs late at night, why would it matter? Why are Cole’s kids up that late? Why isn’t Cole watching TV with them? Why is she a bad parent, by her own definition?

Here’s the truth: She doesn’t really care about the ad. She doesn’t care about kids seeing this ad either. She’s upset because the ad implies women might be having sex for reasons that don’t involve procreation, and conservative Christians love nothing more than policing women’s bodies. They can’t handle the idea of women having any kind of sexual pleasure that doesn’t involve the possibility of childbirth.

But thanks to her, maybe more women will realize they have all kinds of birth control options available to them.

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