Italian Priest Allegedly Stole $117,000 from Church for Drug-Fueled Gay Orgies September 24, 2021

Italian Priest Allegedly Stole $117,000 from Church for Drug-Fueled Gay Orgies

Rev. Francesco Spagnesi, a Catholic priest from Italy, was arrested this week after allegedly taking $117,000 from his church’s bank account (including donations)… all to fund “lavish gay sex parties” at his house. As if there are any other kind.

Police took action after discovering that Spagnesi’s roommate had “imported a liter of the common date rape drug GHB from the Netherlands.”

Police are in the process of interviewing 200 people who’ve said they have attended his parties in the last two years. The two men are alleged to have used online dating sites to invite guests to their home, where drugs were used and sold, the Times reported.

Officers reportedly found homemade crack pipes from bottles during a raid on the apartment.

At least no children were involved…?

It’s not like the Church was unaware something was going on. Spagnesi was stealing from the church to the point that the bishop blocked him from accessing their account, at which point he began taking cash directly from the pot of tithes… all while using the excuse that the money was needed to help the poor.

Parishioners are reportedly set to file lawsuits against him alleging fraud, while Spagnesi himself says he shouldn’t be held responsible for what happened because he was in a “cocaine vortex.” He added that he was HIV positive, as if to generate sympathy — though he said he was on an antiviral medication so he was literally unable to transmit the disease to others.

While formal charges haven’t been brought against him, it makes you wonder why he decided to join the priesthood. Outside the drug use and questions about consent, no one was stopping him from having sex. He put that imposition upon himself when he joined the priesthood.

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