Logan Dorn, the Christian Who Harassed Women at the Beach, Says He’s Not Sorry September 9, 2021

Logan Dorn, the Christian Who Harassed Women at the Beach, Says He’s Not Sorry

I posted yesterday about a Christian man, Logan Dorn, who harassed two women at a public beach for wearing what he claimed were revealing bikinis. One of the women recorded the exchange and posted it to TikTok — and the videos went viral almost immediately.

And then yesterday, knowing he’d been outed, Dorn responded with a video of his own. It wasn’t an apology. Instead, he had all the vibes of an attention-seeking youth pastor with no self-awareness riding a wave of free publicity and evangelizing to a new group of people who think he’s an asshole.


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(Update: The TikTok video was deleted, but it’s still up on Facebook.)

Hey, guys. I’m Logan. I just wanted to get on here and to share my side of the story of a video that’s going viral about me… that’s saying I’m harassing women or berating them or, you know, things of that nature.

And so my side of the story is: I was at a reservoir or a lake, and I was with family members, all different ages, you know, from my age to college age, all the way down to a nine-year-old boy to a six-year-old boy, four-year-old girl, and a two-year-old girl.

And I had just, you know, come off the water from paddle boarding, and somebody in my family said, “Hey, we’ve got to move. There’s some college-age women here that are showing too much, and I don’t want my son or my daughters to see these things.”

And so right then and there, I just had… just a righteous anger come over me and also just a boldness by the Holy Spirit to go in to confront these ladies and to speak truth, that, hey, what you’re wearing is not okay for a nine-year-old boy or a six-year-old boy. And the reason being is because, coming from being introduced to pornography at a young age, it destroyed me… And in that moment, just a righteous anger to defend and protect young eyes came over me.

And so I started to speak truth that hey, you know, what you’re wearing is not okay, that you can’t find your worth in your body, that the physical never satisfy… that there’s gonna come a day that you’re gonna be face to face with God. You know, things of that nature.

And so just to clear everything up, I’m not gonna apologize. I’m just gonna say, I’m going to continue to stand on the truth. I’m going to continue to stand on the word of God. Our society is on such a downcline [sic] of morality. Pornography and lust is at an all-time high. People, you know, don’t even know their gender anymore. People don’t even know, you know, they can go from if they’re born a male, they can be a female. If they’re born a female, they can be a male.

You know, society is really jacked up. And I’m gonna continue to stand on the word of truth. I’m gonna continue to speak truth and be bold no matter the consequences… I’m longing for revival and the hearts of men and women. I’m longing for people to be set free. And the only way they could be set free is by speaking the truth.

It says plainly in Scripture that… the truth will set them free — not acceptance, not compliments, but the truth. And so I’m gonna speak truth. What they were wearing was not okay for a nine-year-old’s eyes or a six-year-old boy’s eyes. And, man, yes, God loves you guys. God loves you. I hope the women watching this are watching… Man, God loves you, but, man, you can’t find your worth in your body. There’s a longing deep in your soul that only Jesus can satisfy.

That video is a perfect example of why so many young people want nothing to do with Christianity.

He doesn’t apologize. In fact, he flat-out dismisses that idea.

He doesn’t acknowledge his own hypocrisy of sinning with his eyes.

He doesn’t acknowledge his own hypocrisy of having tattoos.

He doesn’t acknowledge that it’s really freaking creepy for a random guy to lecture two women on a public beach because he doesn’t like what they’re wearing.

He doesn’t explain why his family refused to just walk away if they had a problem with what they were staring at on a public beach.

He doesn’t tell people that the women weren’t breaking any rules at the beach.

He doesn’t acknowledge that the women weren’t necessarily seeking attention; they could have just been getting a tan, or having a good time on their own, until this guy ruined their fun.

He doesn’t acknowledge the possibility that these women are anything more than their bodies. Why does he assume their self-worth comes from their bodies and not their minds?

He doesn’t acknowledge how his children are probably worse off living with his Christian misogyny than temporarily being surrounded by women in swimwear.

He doesn’t recognize that seeing women in swimsuits is not-at-all synonymous with exposure to pornography.

He doesn’t even consider the possibility that those women are Christians themselves (albeit a more progressive form of it).

He assumes they know nothing about the Bible, which they clearly do.

And on top of all that, he casually throws in how he doesn’t believe transgender people really exist. He thinks people are just dressing up as another gender on a whim. He didn’t have to say that. He just did that because, in his Christian circles, bigotry is just a way of life.

Instead of all that, he uses “righteous anger” as an excuse to defend what’s actually Jesus-inspired asshole Christian behavior. Logan Dorn is what happens when church leaders don’t have the courage to rein in bad wannabe-alpha-male behavior and encourage Christians to see every situation as an opportunity to evangelize instead of considering the human beings on the receiving end of the monologue.

It’s telling that Dorn shut off comments under that TikTok video because even he must be aware of how little support he has right now. But like so many Christian jerks, he seems to think that’s a badge of honor.

He acts like if everyone’s attacking him, it must be because he did something right. He fails to understand that sometimes, everyone attacks you because you did something universally wrong.

***Update***: Mighty Hand Construction says it has fired Dorn for his behavior:

Today information was brought to our attention that one of our employees, Logan Dorn, was accused of harassing a group of individuals over the weekend in Northern Colorado. We began an investigation this morning which has resulted in the immediate termination of Mr. Dorn. Mighty Hand Construction does not condone Logan’s behavior in the videos, nor do his actions reflect our values as a company. Mighty Hand strives to be a place of business where all are treated with utmost respect and acceptance, and actions by our employees which go against those values will not be tolerated.

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