This Christian Jerk Criticized Women at a Beach for Wearing Revealing Swimsuits September 8, 2021

This Christian Jerk Criticized Women at a Beach for Wearing Revealing Swimsuits

Suppose you’re at a public beach and you see people wearing something you’re uncomfortable with. What do you do?

The right answer is: Mind your own damn business. If those people are following the beach’s rules, if not your own personal standards, then no one cares what you think.

The wrong answer is what this Christian jerk did over the weekend, apparently while visiting the Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins, Colorado.

While many details aren’t available, two videos posted on TikTok show a man berating two women for wearing revealing two-piece swimsuits.


Part 1###harrassement ##feminism #fuckmen

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Part 2

♬ original sound – Mia

Points to those women for reminding the Christian man that the Bible teaches that you shouldn’t judge others and that if your eye causes you to sin, then you’re supposed to gouge it out.

The Bible also has something to say about tattoos. I guess the man just never got around to reading that bit.

The most offensive part of the video, though, is the allegation that the women don’t value themselves because they’re wearing something revealing. It’s a Purity Culture mindset run amok — and meaningless, too, since women wearing one-piece swimsuits (as the man suggests) or covering their entire bodies wouldn’t stop men from ogling them.

For what it’s worth, the man in the video, IDed by the internet as Logan Dorn, did not respond to my request for comment last night. But he posted this on Facebook yesterday reminding women they’re “not objects”… which they only appear to be in his mind, since the women in the video seemed to have no problem assessing their self-worth.

People on his page are already calling him out for his asshole-ry.

***Update***: Logan Dorn posted a video attempting to defend himself and it’s not going well. He refuses to apologizes and goes on a brief transphobic tangent.

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