Preacher Sean Feucht Threatens to Kill Those Interfering with His Worship Events August 9, 2021

Preacher Sean Feucht Threatens to Kill Those Interfering with His Worship Events

Christian worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht, the Bethel Church-affiliated singer who spent much of last year hosting COVID super-spreader concerts around the country (disguised as spiritual revivals), is still at it. He continues to treat the pandemic as some grand conspiracy to shut down the Christian church at large.

That is all problematic enough, but over the weekend, during an event in Portland, Oregon, Feucht displayed his own fascist undertones when he posted this image on Twitter:

Nothing shows off your love of Christ like surrounding yourself with a Christian “security team” that threatens to murder you for challenging their super-spreader event. For people who constantly talk about putting “faith over fear,” Feucht has made it clear he doesn’t trust God. He needs weapons and (allegedly) the Proud Boys.

Setting aside the whole “turn the other cheek” ideas of Jesus, Feucht’s baseless threat implies his ability to worship was ever in peril. That’s a lie. You don’t need to be physically present in a church in order to worship and pray. And when people may not be vaccinated, it’s also dangerous to throw an outdoor concert like this (or Lollapalooza, for that matter). Plenty of churches moved worship online over the past year with few issues. Is it ideal? Of course not. But it was the right move to protect the congregation. Feucht doesn’t care who he hurts.

These concerts aren’t about spreading the Gospel. They’re about massaging Feucht’s ego.

Incidentally, Feucht is no longer selling his “super-spreader” shirts. He’s replaced them with something worse, if you can believe it. Either he doesn’t know the history of World War II… or he does. Neither option is a good one.

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